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Church Publications List

Get Results Using this High Quality, PROVEN Church List

We don't just say this is a "high-quality" and "proven" list, we absolutely know this list gets results.  We actually use it on a regular basis for our in-house publication CHURCH LEADERS GUIDE.

What makes this list so effective?

  • They are high level multi-buyers.  This means that they have definitely made multiple purchases and/or responded to direct mail on multiple occasions. 
  • They have Pastor contact names, making it possible for you to create a more powerful campaign by personalizing your direct mail piece. 
  • They have phone numbers for telemarketing*.  Integrate your direct mail and telemarketing campaign to maximize results.  
  • You can custimize this list to suit YOUR campaign.  Select Churches based on Size, Denomination, Geographical Location, Area Income, and more. 
  • We take pride in our accuracy.  All of our lists come with our 100% Deliverability Guarantee

*Additional charge may apply. See PDF below for pricing details.

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  • Dedup against your own list -- Rent names you don’t already have!
  • Church List Cleanup Package
  • Database Profiling

TC040: Church Publications List

*Counts on the above PDF document are estimates.  Contact us for updated firm counts*

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