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Company Products and Staff Timeline

Tri-Media Publications opened its doors in May of 1989 with the intent to develop 3 types of media: direct- response card decks, magazines and broadcast (TV/Radio).   Wayne Luttrell from Fort Worth, TX and Neal Siegel from Chicago, IL are the founders and owners.  At the time of their original meeting, Wayne owned a Church clip-art company, Brad Price Design Studio, that he marketed via card decks through SMS Publications where Neal Siegel was employed as Sales Consultant.  Wayne’s background in printing, business management and product marketing, along with Neal Siegel’s background in card deck/magazine marketing consultation was the blending  of  experience and business relationships that brought about the beginning of Tri-Media Publications, currently dba Tri-Media Marketing Services.  Over 25 years, many products and services have been offered to the marketplace and currently include 3 types of media:  cooperative and print advertising, mailing lists and internet-marketing options.


1989:  Launched first  two cooperative mail card decks, Pastors Info Cards and Music Info Cards, that  went to press  the Summer of 1989.  Advertiser response was strong and company began marketing of the direct-response mailing lists at the end of same year.

1991:  Tri-Media’s Church database reached 300,000 names.  The first issue of Christian Family Homeschool Shopper card deck was published.  Fran Pintozzi joined the company to spearhead the launch of this new card deck.   She was a former colleague of Neal Siegel’s in 1985 as a marketing consultant with SMS Publications and worked in card deck and magazine sales and consultation until 1988.  Their relationship has spanned 25 years.  Fran currently oversees the marketing of Tri-Media within the marketplace as VP-Marketing in addition to her contribution with the sales team.

1992: New Co-op mailers were developed for larger mailing pieces and catalogs targeting church leader and homeschool audiences: Pastors Info Pak, Music info Pak, Youth Info Pak & Family Info Pak.   

1993: Mailing list database reached half a million names and were data enhanced with demographics.   Tri-Media began offering DATA SERVICES maintenance and enhancement of house buyer and prospect files.  Output services provided barcoding, presorting and zip+4 appending. Cooperative card deck mailing options expanded to include regional and denominational distributions.

1994: Tri-Media’s combined Church and Christian Consumer databases exceeded 1 million names. The List Management and Brokerage services were offered to the marketplace.  Church Info Cards was published targeting the largest Churches in America.  Two full-size catalog-format publications were launched mailing to Pastors and Church Music Leaders:  Pastors Info Mag & Music Info Mag.

1995: Four new card deck audiences were offered: Christian School Info Cards, Canadian Church Info Cards, Christian Education/Youth leader Info Cards and Mature Christian Info Cards (Seniors).

1996: Database growth continues with data enhancements. Data Processing procedures are streamlined reducing processing time substantially. Most card decks now published in new side-by-side format, offering 3.5x7” standard and 5x7” jumbo-size cards and oversized preprinted inserts.  Card decks are now barcoded and automation compatible. This new card deck format replaces the Info Packs. 

1997: Tri-Media introduces internet marketing with the launching of a website to showcase their customers within the Christian marketplace: also called www.CWD.comLori Guiang joins Tri-Media in September offering support to sales offices.  She is now  responsible for list management and brokerage areas providing research, consultation and order processing services.  

1998: Teen Home School Shopper card deck is launched.  Linda Stone joins the Data Processing area in the spring and is currently senior data processor specializing in client file management and merge jobs.   

1999: Two new card decks are published: Focus on Outreach & Missions Info Cards for Churches and Responsible Living Resources for high-income Christian families.  Tri-Media’s EMAIL LISTS are put on the market targeting Pastors/Church leaders and Home School families with broadcast email service. Mechille Luttrell  joins the data processing team in January and is now the Data Services team leader monitoring all data orders for broadcast emails, direct mail lists, merges and client  file management.

2001: website is redesigned and renamed

2003: First issue of Adventist Resource Media card deck is published to 7th Day Adventist consumers and Churches.

2004: New ad booklets introduced for Pastor (CLASS) and Worship/AV Leaders (WAVE) combining image and direct-response with full-size print advertising format, inserted and mailed inside Pastors Info Cards and Music Info Cards.  Email newsletters are introduced for Pastors (Church Growth Toolbox) and Home- schoolers ( Home School Guide).

2005:  Two new homeschool audience options offered: website and full-size ad booklet  (HOME) inserted in Christian Family Homeschool Shopper card deck.  RPM (Rent/Print/Mail) service introduced: mailing list rental with printing and mailing of postcard and flyer direct-mail pieces.

2007: Three new email newsletters (e-letters) offered: Children’s Ministry Resources, Youth Ministry Resources, and WAVE for Churches with Children’s, Youth, Worship and A/V Ministries.

2009:  New 6x10.5” letter-rate publications published offering cost-effective print advertising format: Church Buyers Guide mailing to Pastors and Worship Buyers Guide for Music and Worship Leaders.  New E-letter to Pastors ChurchWorldDirectREPORT includes advertorials and animated banners in addition to  web listings.

2010:  The Church Buyers Guide and Worship Buyers Guide are combined mailing to  churches with both Pastor and Worship/Music Leader contacts.  The fall issue of Church Buyers Guide features an expanded Worship section. Chad Luttrell rejoins data processing staff having worked in this area for Tri-Media several years earlier.  Eric Siegel rejoins Tri-Media mid-year as Web Production Specialist for both Tri-Media’s own website and supplier website. The new site is launched in October with the entire line of Tri-Media products and services.  Newly-developed and re-programmed site under completion to replace existing site that has been up for 11 years, optimized for every category of product promoted.

2011: January 1st, new interactive ( website is launched to support  suppliers in building relationships with Church and lay leaders.  First issue of Canadian Pastors Guide published, in new digest-size ad booklet format replacing Canadian Church Info Cards.  The longest-published Pastor card deck in the marketplace enters its 22nd year of publication, now under the name of Pastors Info PacketThe longest-published Homeschool card deck in the marketplace enters its 20th year of publication, Christian Family Homeschool ShopperThe Church Buyers Guide completes the publication product line.  Over 2 million record database of Churches, Schools, Institutions, Christian Consumers and Homeschooler mailing lists available for rental and lease usage.  100,000 church leader and homeschool email lists available for rental.  Church leader e-letter advertising and web marketing options complete the internet-marketing product line currently offered.

2012:  Fall saw new DIGITAL VERSIONS of all printed publications. The home school area featured a new website for our 22 year old Christian Family Home school Shopper card packet. The most recent issues are found and posted for 3 months until the following issue is available. The Church market card packet since 1989 now has its own website where each issue is posted from 6-8 months until the next issue arrives. Also the Church Buyers Guide catalog is renamed Church Leaders Guide and has its own site at

2013:  Circulation increased substantially for our publications with the addition of the DIGITAL VERSIONS and Email marketing campaigns promoting each issue for 30-45 days after the issue mailed. Total coverage reached from 250,000 to over 500,000 with both printed copies mailed and emails to digital versions. Bill Beyer joins sales team in February as Sales Assistant also providing client marketing consultation. Also skilled in graphics and video production Bill co-produced the first ever Tri-media video commercial used at 2 conferences and on our Tri-media website.

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